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Creating Confident Caregivers Workshop
Free six-week workshop at the Emmet County Friendship Center beginning in February for caregivers caring for someone with Alzheimer's or a related dementia


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Hospice offers more than most people know. Even as Hospice programs have grown and become much more available, popular, and professional they also remain misunderstood by many. We welcome you to this web site and invite you to learn more about Hospice Programs, Hospice of Northwest Michigan, and Hospice related services.

The most common “feedback” we get from families served is, “I wish we’d known about Hospice and started Hospice services earlier.” A key purpose of this website is to provide an overview of Hospice Services. The information here dispels many “myths” about Hospice, for example that “My doctor will not be involved.” or “I won’t be able to exit the program easily and without penalty.”

Many questions about the Hospice Program and related end-of-life issues can be answered by looking through this web site. Our office is located at 220 W. Garfield in Charlevoix. Feel free to call 231-547-6092 or 800-551-4140 for Hospice Program Eligibility and Enrollment Information. You may also call 231-547-7448 for Volunteer and Bereavement information and 231-547-7659 to reach the Administrative Coordinator.