Making Life Moments Happen….Thank YOU!

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I am a client of Transitions Life Care in Raleigh, NC. I have nothing but praise for the outstanding care and concern they have given my family and myself. It’s a difficult time in my life but having hospice helping is fantastic.

I recently undertook a 16 hour road trip to Northern Michigan. I had not seen my 96 year old mother or sister and her husband (who is battling cancer) since Sept. 2014. My children and grandchildren from Arizona and North Carolina arranged to be there at the same time – it was wonderful – can’t find the words to express my gratitude to all who made it possible including my husband.

Jacque Grady made arrangements with Tina Lamont of Hospice of NWM to have my hospice care transferred to them for the 5-6 days we were there. Never thought I would call them but we did within hours of arriving. Somehow during the long car ride my concentrator stopped working. I am approximately 1000 miles from home with a small portable unit that the battery can only be charged in the unit – you let the battery run out and then are tethered to a wall outlet.

We called Transitions who contacted Hospice of NWM and within hours a loaner concentrator was delivered to my sister’s home. We left on the weekend and the unit was picked up for return on Monday. What a lifesaver (and not a pun). Both of these groups and Jacque and Tina were the best – what a great feeling to know there are such good, caring people working for both of these organizations. Jacque also made arrangements to have a replacement unit delivered to our home on Monday.

I hope this email will reach the appropriate management involved – your employees are the best.

Thanks, Nina G. Harrison

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