Hospice Staff
& Board of Directors

The Health Department governing Board is made up of elected county officials representing the four counties in its service area. Hospice of Northwest Michigan has a ten member Board of volunteer Directors representing the public and hospice related health care institutions.

Hospice of Northwest Michigan Board of Directors

A list of current Directors and previous year directors and officers of the corporation follows.

2017 Executive Board
  • Lisa Ashley, President
  • Chris Wilhelm, Vice-President
  • Lindsay Lewis, Secretary
  • Mark Knapp, Treasurer
2017 Board Members
  • Linda Schofield
  • Rick Gillis
  • Currently 2 Board Openings
  • Tina Lamont, Ex-Officio Representative of HDNW
2016 Executive Board
  • Chris Wilhelm, President
  • Mark Muniak, RN, Vice-President
  • Lisa Ashley, Secretary
  • Lindsay Lewis, Treasurer
2016 Board Members
  • Mark Knapp
  • Rick Gillis
  • Currently 2 Board Openings
  • Tina Lamont, Ex-Officio Representative of HDNW

2015 HospiceBoard_3316-www

2016/2017 Board of Directors: (Missing from the photo is Rick Gillis)

Hospice of Northwest Michigan Staff

  • Amy Wieland, Executive Director
  • Dr. Paul Blanchard, Physician, Hospice Interdisciplinary Team
  • Dr. Anna Young, Physician, Hospice Interdisciplinary Team
  • Reverend David Behling, Chaplain, Hospice Interdisciplinary Team
  • Twenty-Five plus trained, supervised volunteers

Interview with Amy Wieland on Hospice Care

Health Department of Northwest Michigan

(includes contracted staff/services)

  • Tina Lamont, RN, BS, Home Care, Hospice & Aging Services Director
  • Valerie Lewis, RN, Admissions Coordinator
  • 7 to 10 Registered Nurses
  • 3 to 5 Home Health Aides
  • 2 Masters of Social Work, Medical Social Workers
  • 4 Medical Records and Financial support staff
  • As needed: Contracted services (physical therapy, speech therapy, counseling, etc.)