Changes at Hospice of Northwest Michigan: Letter from the Executive Director

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Dear Friends and Champions of Hospice of Northwest Michigan,

As you may have heard, the Health Department of Northwest Michigan has made the difficult decision to close their Home Health and Hospice Division, effective September 30, 2019. This news will have significant impact on Hospice of Northwest Michigan operations, but it does not necessarily mean the end of our homegrown hospice non-profit agency. To some extent, that is up to you.

A bit of history, the agency began as a groundswell movement by a dedicated group of Charlevoix County residents in July, 1981. The intent being to provide support to families and caregivers who were caring for a dying loved one in their home. The original name of the agency was Charlevoix County Hospice.

In those early years, actually lasting about a decade, there wasn’t a funding source available for hospice services in the United States outside of donations received and fundraising efforts put forth by staff and volunteers. In the mid-1990’s, that scenario changed.